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Kondoleezza Mae Creed

AKC# SR99929703

Kondi was the third girl born in Sadie and Ranger's "America Litter" and was our "pick" of the litter. She is so intelligent and has the most beautiful conformation. Kondi's favorite thing in the whole world is food - of any kind. Her head tilts get her anything she wants. She is the lightest and fluffiest of all our girls. Kondi and Kaiya are the largest of our girls!



Kaiya Michelle Creed

AKC# SR99929702

Kaiya was the second girl born in Sadie and Ranger's "America Litter". She is the sweetest, snuggliest girl and has the most precious smile that will make your day! Kaiya has her specific spots claimed on our bed and on our couch and if she doesn't have to, she won't move from there! She has such a kind heart and a special place in ours. Kondi and Kaiya are the largest of our girls!



Chanel Creed

AKC# SR97756709

Chanel is an English Cream golden retriever. Chanel is the happiest, liveliest girl, she ALWAYS has a smile on her face!! She loves bouncing around like her sister, her favorite thing is jumping from couch to couch! Chanel is the smallest of our girls!



Lacie Belle Creed

AKC# SS01973308

Lacie is our most athletic girl! She is fast and lean and has a wonderful retrieving drive. Lacie's favorite thing to do is rest her head on you - if she's on the couch with you her head will be on your legs, and if you sit next to her she will lay her head on your shoulder for as long as you will let her! She is so loyal and her dark eyes and big ears will melt your heart!



Dolly Puddin

AKC# SS12001003

Dolly is owned by the Barnes family in De Kalb, Texas. Dolly has the sweetest soul and becomes anyone's best friend in an instant. She has such an affectionate disposition and has the smarts to match!


Creed Goldens

Kristopher & Kalyssa Creed


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