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"Cannot say enough good things about Creed Goldens! Kalyssa is beyond amazing! From the first time I contacted Creed Goldens, Kalyssa was extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with! Once our litter was born, Kalyssa sent numerous updates on the litter with the most adorable pictures! Not to mention each litter has a theme which is incorporated into the weekly photo shoots with the puppies - it's the cutest thing ever!

All puppies are extremely well cared for and of the highest quality. My golden is extremely loving, super smart and absolutely beautiful! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

Heather, Texas


"We had an awesome experience with Creed. The attention to detail from the very first application process to pickup is unmatched. Creed Goldens doesn't just breed Golden Retrievers. They want to make sure their puppy integrates smoothly into your home and lifestyle. It's not easy with puppies under 8 weeks old, but they have the knowledge and expertise in picking up personalities and characteristics from the litter even from the first week.

Creed Goldens has been prompt to answer any questions we have had. They believe every new owner becomes part of their extended family and we really like that. Creed does a great job of not only staying in touch with us (and other owners), but allowing other owners to communicate. It's great for resources, but it's also great to see pictures of her brothers and sisters. :)

We couldn't ask for anything more with a Golden breeder."

The Verrets, Texas


"I did my homework to find a reputable breeder. We chose Creed Goldens and could not be happier. Kalyssa was very easy to work with and very responsive. We appreciated being able to meet Kalyssa and pick up our puppy where she spent the first 8 weeks of her life. Kalyssa and her husband love these dogs and take excellent care of them. Most importantly, Millie is perfect! She is a wonderful puppy who has all of those Golden traits that my wife and I have come to love. She adjusted immediately to life with us and her big Golden sister. I highly recommend Creed Goldens."

Greg, New Mexico


"We have had a great experience with Creed Goldens. They have the perfect balance of being reassuringly caring and professional. They are helpful with answering any and all questions a potential new puppy owner may have. The regular Mother and puppy updates before you take them home are fantastic. The matching process also worked well for us and makes a first time puppy owner really think about the right things. The puppies are exceptionally well cared for and happy - ours adjusted to a new home really well and quickly which speaks volumes for what Creed do."

The Wards, Texas


"In January, 2018, we lost the second of our two Goldens, at 14 years and 9 months old.  Our other passed in 2016 at 12 years old.  Losing them was nearly the hardest thing I've ever experienced.  One of the things that I realized after losing them both was that they taught me about a kind of love that I never wanted to live without again. 
It took me a few months to even let myself think about moving forward with another puppy.  I had seen several postings about puppies on FB groups that i belonged to, but none of them spoke to me until I came across the Creed Goldens post - a video of Sadie going to the vet and having her ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy.  After I saw this video, and this beautiful dog, I was in love and could not get the thought of one of her puppies out of my mind.  
On a whim, I contacted Kalyssa, and within a few days - after she sent me dozens of photos of Sadie, Ranger, and the puppies from their previous litter - I sent a deposit and could not contain my excitement for our new family member to join us. 
Kalyssa was wonderful to work with - always very responsive and thoughtful and thorough with her communication.  It is obvious that they care about their dogs, and that their health and well-being are of utmost importance.  She kept us updated with pictures, videos, and helpful information along the way throughout the pregnancy.  
We live in Michigan, and Kristopher drove for 19 hours straight to deliver Kacie to us - arriving at 2:00 AM!  He opened the backdoor and there were three pups on a roadtrip - and one of them was ours!  It was a surprise to our kids, and boy were they stunned to wake up in the middle of the night to three yipping pups in the living room!  
Our lives were instantly filled with joy and happiness, and we love Kacie so much!  We are constantly receiving compliments from friends and strangers alike about what a great dog she is - friendly, mellow, obedient, and of course gorgeous!  
We are so thankful that we found Creed Goldens, and we cannot wait to add another to our family later this year!!!"

The Whitfords, Michigan


"We found Creed Goldens by way of a referral from a friend.  It did not take long to figure out the Creeds are excellent and knowledgeable breeders.  Kalyssa was very supportive through the whole process, answering a lot of questions before and after we picked up our pup.
Kalyssa is very active with the pups on social media as they are being raised.  The whole family would enjoy gathering around to watch live feeds of the puppies as they developed, romped, and played.  Because of this, we have pictures and video of our pup from birth until the day we picked him up.
Levi, now 7 months old, is a wonderful dog. He does not know a stranger and just loves everyone and everything.  He’s very intelligent, playful, and outgoing - just what we asked for!  The Creed’s have a puppy matching process that really worked well in matching our family to the perfect pup.
If you are looking for a quality breeder, that truly cares about raising heathy, happy golden retrievers, look no further.  I can honestly  say there is not a thing I would change through the entire process.  Wonderful people and wonderful dogs, you simply cannot go wrong with the Creeds."

The Browns, Texas

“I found Creed Goldens on Instagram after an extensive multi-month search for a Golden Retriever. Though Instagram is a bit of an unconventional way to identify a breeder, it also enabled me to learn so much about the Creed’s and their dogs through the pictures, videos, and comments on their page, and the pages of pups from prior litters. Based on all that I saw, I submitted an application for puppy, and literally heard back within an hour with an enthusiastic note from Kalyssa, which only made me more excited about the whole experience.
It was clear from the start that Kalyssa and Kristopher are absolutely wonderful people and breeders – they are kind, communicative, helpful, and genuinely interested in finding the best homes for their puppies. They also made sure that as a future puppy parent, I felt constantly in the loop (via email, text, Instagram, and other forums) and supported the whole way, something I didn’t really expect from a breeder.
When the time came, Kristopher drove my main man, Riley, from Texas to New York City, and I think it was genuinely hard for him to leave him! That was the best day of my life and Riley is the best dog I could have asked for – he is loving, playful, smart, handsome, and my partner in crime and cuddling. I truly can’t recommend Creed Goldens highly enough!”

Katie, New York

Lucy Bell.jpg

"I searched for months to find the right golden breeder and when I found Creed Goldens I knew we found the right people! Kalyssa and Kristopher were so helpful throughout every step of the process! They kept me updated with every new change during Sadie’s pregnancy and provided weekly puppy updates and pictures after the pups were born. They truly feel like family to us. After we brought our puppy home they continued to provide advice and support during the crazy puppy stage and even gave us a “puppy break” for a week so our pup could receive some training and watch how her well-behaved mama and sisters act. 
They are kind, helpful and so loving to each and every litter they have. I’m counting down the months until we can get another Creed Golden!"

The Bells, Texas

Lucy Perry.jpeg

"The Creeds are the most amazing people I have ever met! Not only as people but also to all their babies and all the little ones that come along. They are the most healthy goldens I have ever seen, and I have had goldens for 17 years. I will never go to another family again. They work with them from day one. The love these little puppies get is indescribable."

Anne Marie, California


“We have always wanted to get a dog for our children and my husband knew from the beginning that he wanted to add a golden to our family. I grew up in the same town as the Creeds, so getting a dog from someone I knew made it an even easier choice. It all seemed to be “meant to be” when the Creeds shared on Facebook that they only had one male left for adoption. He was exactly what our family needed. He adores our children and has a heart of GOLD. These dogs are simply the best choice for us. He of course loves to go swimming, playing fetch all day long, and cuddling up with every member of the family.”

The Hellers, Texas


“Eros is just the best boy ever, seriously this guy is amazing. He’s sweet, great temperament, funny, and easy in every way. He is handsome in a very “manly way” is what people tell him all the time. Just couldn’t be happier with our choice and your choice for us!”

Hazel, Florida


"We chose Creed Goldens soley for the bloodline.  We have a nephew dog, Copper who we all adore!  He is always a favorite for anyone who meets him.  We knew that this first litter of puppies from Creed's would be Copper's great-great nieces/nephews.  Sadie is Copper's great niece. (:  
We have never seen dogs with such personality.  Sweet and smart as can be AND a touch of orneriness - the perfect blend.  Jackie is such a sweet, laid back perfect addition to our family of 7!  Every day she makes us smile and laugh.  We get compliments all the time from people who meet her.  She has the perfect "golden" look to her face and her red coloring is the most beautiful we have seen.  We think she is perfect all the way around and are so very thankful that she is ours."

The Walterscheids, Texas


"Just a big THANK YOU. Thank you for all that you've done for me and my family. Thank you for being hands down the best breeder I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Thank you for keeping me and the other puppy parents-to-be up to date on Mama Sadie and the babies. Thank you for the Instagram and Facebook pictures and videos. It's been an amazing experience already, and we still have more than 6 weeks to go! And I can't thank you enough for being so kind in holding on to our new son while I make my way home from the other side of the world. It means so much to me. Seriously, thank you!"

Kevin, Texas


"We've had such a wonderful experience with Creed Goldens. They were so helpful with answering any and all questions I had throughout the process. They provided frequent puppy videos/pictures and really kept us in the loop. The matching process also worked out perfectly for us - our puppy is extremely smart, social, curious, and playful - what more could you want in a golden?"

The Evans, Texas

"The Creeds provided the best experience in buying a puppy. They provided updates throughout the process and the puppy is amazing! So smart, and laid back. We plan on using Creed Goldens again!"

Cody, Texas


"We received our new puppy from Creed Goldens and couldn’t be happier getting our pup from them. Kalyssa was so helpful during the process, and still after receiving our Pup Bandit.

Bandit is a happy and healthy boy! I can tell he was well taken care of with the Creeds.

I received lots of literature about bringing a new puppy home; everything went exceptionally well bringing our Bandit home. Thank you to the Creeds for our precious blessing, Bandit!"

Sonya, Texas


"I love Creed Goldens! The puppy application is very thorough, and Kalyssa is quick to respond. She was very helpful throughout the whole process, providing updates and guiding me on best practices.

We filled out a puppy personality questionnaire and were matched with the sweetest most perfect pup for us!

Kalyssa and Kristopher go above and beyond to make sure the puppies are cared for and matched to appropriate homes. They are easy to contact if you have any questions or concerns, and very friendly.

I would recommend Creed Goldens for anyone wanting a golden retriever!"

Gretchen, Texas

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